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  • Miles Sibley posted an update in the group Digital 1 year, 1 month ago

    Waiting times for elective care are a big challenge for a post-Covid NHS. But waiting list data is hard to find and make sense of. Our new waiting list tracker opens up the data. We hope that it will also open up informed dialogue between professionals and public, save time for GPs and other health professionals, and also help with service planning in ICS areas. The tool is here: and you can read the blog about it here:

    • Thanks Miles – I really enjoyed reading your blog about this. It’s a great piece of work, and I’m sure it will be a fantastic resource for people.

      We’re doing some work in the Q insight team to explore the backlogs in care – what this means for Q members, and what improvement-led solutions are being developed to address this challenge.

      It would be great to hear from you and others how this tool is working in practice, and how it’s helping alongside other strategies to address the increased waiting times. I appreciate that it may be too early to have specific case examples, but do get in touch if you’ve got some early examples of this.

      – (@) 25 Jun 2021

    • Thanks Jo – as you say, early days, but we also are keen to hear how the waiting list tracker might be helping patients, GPs, elective care managers, ICS planners etc. We’re keen to see if people can use it to spot patterns in waiting times – maybe seeing where they’re starting to come down, and learning from those providers/services. But also to see how it might be useful as part of general communications with patients while they wait – helping to break through the “information vacuum” that people on waiting lists often experience. Anyone who wants to get in touch on this (including with any ideas for how to develop/improve the tool) please drop me a line –