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I work at the University of Bristol, within the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) West. I began my work career in the voluntary and community sector, within mental health services and community development before working for the last 15 years on many collaborative research projects. I have a strong interest in participatory and co-produced research, to democratise research processes and make a difference to practice and policy, and challenge health inequalities.

Recent research projects include the evaluation of chronic pain peer support groups, and two projects evaluating the implementation of health technology. One project evaluated the implementation of a GP online consultation system that supported patient access to GPs, and another examined the implementation of a mental health care pathway tool, co-designed to support the co-production of care plans. I am currently working on a public engagement project to explore how to share power more equally in co-produced health research, and am working to evidence the impact of co-produced research.
Previous to this post I worked at the University of Bath. I undertook a research project with the Point of Care Foundation, to understand how Schwartz Rounds (interdisciplinary reflective groups that support staff in providing compassionate care) can be implemented within mental health and community services. I collaborated with the King’s Fund’s Patient and Family Centred Care project to conduct participatory action research to study what facilitates improvements in patients’ experiences of care, working with patients and staff. Working with a Citizens Advice Bureau I co-produced research with an advice services team that analysed the impact of advice services using social return on investment methods. My PhD researched co-design and co-production case studies in public services, evaluating an experience-based co-design project within hospital cancer services, and a co-production project based in local government.

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