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  • Matthew Mezey posted an update in the group Network Weaving 1 year, 6 months ago

    All the content, tools, potential activities etc in the Network Weaving series can feel a bit overwhelming at times.
    We’ve put together a neat new table that makes really clear (for each workshop/webinar):
    * Tools to use (all relevant tools + the top ones to try)
    * Key actions to take
    * Most relevant content to read in June Holley’s ‘Network Weaver Handbook’
    Take a look at the clarifying table here (pdf):
    We’d love to hear about whether it makes the practice of ‘Network Weaving’ clearer for you…?
    Any improvements you’d suggest we make to the table?

    • This is a very helpful summary of the series, thank you 🙂

    • Matthew and all involved in pulling this together – thank you! It’s a great help and much appreciated!

      • Hi Caroline and Gwyn,
        I think pretty much all the organising team were involved in pulling together the table, one way or another – and may of the series participants in sharing their feedback, which helped us realise how useful the table might be.
        Love to hear any experiences you have using any of the tools – the 4 roles survey, the Asses Your Network Checklist, the who’s missing? exercise et al.