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  • Matthew Mezey posted an update in the group Building improvement capability across boundaries 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    Can you help – with a Q ‘Matching Matrix’ to help members get the most out of what Q offers?

    Hi all,
    I hope you’ve had a good summer (I had a hot – but relaxing – time in Turkey with the family).
    I’d really appreciate your feedback and ideas on something that certainly can relate to building improvement capability across boundaries (though isn’t directly about Q Exchange projects): we’re thinking of trying to create a Q ‘Matching Matrix’ to help Q members more fully understand what Q can enable them to do.
    In other words needs like ‘I want to connect with other Q members’, ‘I want to promote my project/event’, ‘I want to find new collaborators’ would be listed down one side, and the ways Q offers to do it along another. (Members often aren’t even aware of all the things Q can offer, or how to navigate what they do already know about).
    It could be similar to the matching matrix that exists to help people choose the right ‘Liberating Structures’ to use for their needs (eg ‘Unleashing local action’) **See image**. And Q’s own Creative Approaches to Problem Solving (CAPS) cards also has its own matching matrix.
    Ok, this is getting a bit fractal – matching matrices within matching matrices! 😉

    What we basically want to do is just create a general matching matrix/table for Q.
    How you can help? Let me know…
    1 Do you think a Q ‘Matching Matrix’ will help clarify what Q offers for members?
    (Anything else that might help?).
    2. What do you think are the key Q member wants we should include in the matrix?
    (ie “I want to….X, Y, Z).
    3. Any additional important needs where Q isn’t offering something?
    (This could be because it’s offered elsewhere, or just that no-one has a good solution yet).
    Many thanks for your help with this – with luck it will give rise to a good Matching Matrix we can all share with other Qs, and a more effective Q community generally.

    Matthew Mezey
    (Q Community Manager)

    • Dear Matthew,
      A regular weekly or monthly digest with information on events, opportunities, perhaps a short Q&A profile of on a Q-Member (who they are, what projects they are working on etc) and an email address to where newsletter recipients can ask Q (if they approve) to share relevant information in future newsletters could work?