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  • Matthew Mezey posted an update in the group Exploring Adaptive Space – community of practice 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hi @gareth-evans and @thomasjohnrose – and our new joiners @nathalie-delaney, @grahamgardiner and @jaqualinelindridge

    I hope you’ve all been having a good summer (I’m missing the sun of Turkey – but perhaps ever more so the aubergines, tahini and gozleme/pancakes!).

    As agreed in our first chat, I’ve (with some difficulty!) managed to track down that chap – Stephen Presley – who was doing research around the actual behaviours of Adaptive/Complexity leaders.
    Turns out he’s not done any research post-PhD on this topic. He’s now focusing on using Mindfulness to enable the kind of mindset shifts needed in leaders to face 21st century challenges.
    I certainly tend to feel that inner/mindset changes are indeed somehow needed for real Adaptive leadership. Whether Mindfulness can enable such a shift seems plausible – and there is some evidence for this.
    Anyway… Stephen doesn’t seem to be up for having a chat with our group about this Adaptive leadership behaviours work he did (though I am double-checking, as he didn’t actually say anything either way).