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Consultant Hepatologist

Mathis Heydtmann

NHS Dumfries & Galloway

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Mathis is a Consultant Hepatologist with an interest in Public Health. He has worked in Greater Glasgow and Clyde for 13 years and is now working part time in Dumfries and Galloway. This allows him to do more national work including as SHAAP steering committee vice-chair, development and implementation of UK alcohol management guidelines. He also does quality improvement work around frequent hospital attenders and health inequities for the most deprived patients with liver disease and clinical research.

Q Exchange ideas

  • A friendly DALiC (Deprived Area Liver Clinic)

    Scotland = "Sick Man of Europe". Liver = "thermometer of Public Health". Liver death = > 4x in the most deprived 10 %. A friendly DALiC improves this through equity of access and health knowledge & awareness.

  • Version 1 of ALFA nurses idea

    will help ALFA patients get a better service through co-development specific for their needs.

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