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Head of Transformation & Improvement Services

Mark Fenton

Avantix Limited

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I have been involved in improvement activities since my early career as a systems engineer. My engineering background equipped me with the systems thinking skills to analyse problems, identify change requirements, and apply structured approaches to design organisation structures, processes and information systems. Facilitation skills developed throughout my career are invaluable in guiding teams to co-create solutions to problems.

My experiences of improvement in organisations have been reinforced by experiences in my social life where I learned the importance of mindset in high performance. I spent many years coaching adult sports to national league level. I witnessed players fail to improve because they believed that they couldn't learn new skills, or because they couldn't deal with failures and gave up. I increasingly found myself helping people establish a growth mindset and resilience to failure to enable them to improve.

I currently lead the transformation offerings for Optima Systems Consultancy. We have developed an approach to transformation that combines structured approaches to operating model development and incremental delivery, with psychology-influenced approaches to facilitation, co-creation, and conflict management.

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