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  • Maimie Thompson posted an update in the group Video consultations: how to set them up well, fast? 1 month, 1 week ago

    Good evening. I just wanted to update you on our engagement work and public survey that is now underway to shape the future of Near Me video consultations in Scotland. It will run from 29th June to 24th July. You can find out more and forms part of our wider work to seek view and evaluate.
    In many ways, we know a lot about the people who have used the service as there is a pop-up survey after every appointment; but what are the barriers to not using video consultation. To support that angle we will be reaching out to a wide range of audiences. We have also decided to carry out a separate survey for staff/professionals. We are obviously intent on learning as much as we can and raising the profile to get a high response rate to any comments, insights or ideas most welcome.
    Thanks, Maimie