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  • Liz Twelves posted an update in the group Exploring Adaptive Space – community of practice 3 months, 1 week ago

    I found this recently and it seems to fit well with what we’re thinking about here. I think organisational effectiveness models are about creating this kind of autonomy and connectedness (supported by the Viable Systems Model). What do you make of it?

    • The Formal Structure is commonplace but never usually developed sufficiently to be a lot of use to the organization. The Informal Structure has been around for ever but is much more effective if a degree of formalisation is applied i.e. Communities of Practice and Adaptive Space. The Value Creation Structure is simply employees doing their job! Unfortunately many employees in many organisations do not have a clear understanding of what their job is nor how it fits in with the rest of the organisation. This is not the case for Toyota, mentioned in the piece as being a good example of having a Value Creation Structure. In Toyota, as with many other car manufacturers, jobs are documented, all employees know their jobs and there is a culture of continuous improvement where every employee can instigate improvements throughout the organisation. This is called a Process Management System and when implemented correctly it’s the people doing the work that manage the processes.

      • Thanks Thomas, that makes sense to me and is supported by my experience in organisations. Standard work, good data over time and understanding variation, facilitation for team working and network, coaching leadership style seem really important.