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NHS Peer Leader in Personalised Care

Kevin Minier

Co-production the better normal

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I live in Hertfordshire and have provided the patient/service user (keratoconus eye condition) and carer (mental health, dementia) voice to improve health and social care for over 30 years, locally, regionally and nationally.

I have been a Lay Committee Member on three National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) health and care guidelines and two Quality Standards.  I have promoted the practice of coproduction as a member of the SCIE Coproduction Network and the SCIE Coproduction, Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group.

I have provided reverse mentoring/coaching to senior management within health and social care.

I actively support carers through Carers in Hertfordshire, peer-led support groups, and local physical and mental health providers and commissioners.

I am a Member of the East of England Citizens' Senate.

Q Exchange ideas

  • Making Personal Choices.

    What would it be like if every person involved in co-producing a Personalised Care and Support Plan was kind to themselves and kind to others?

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