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Patient experience and safety is my priority whilst working in a cost efficient manner within the NHS.  As a registered midwife and nurse, I have worked clinically as well as in research and governance  to deliver improved experience and outcomes for patients.

I'm an experienced Pateint Safety Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Prince Practitioner, Microsoft PowerPoint, Leadership, Program Management, and Microsoft Office.

News stories

Improving communication at handover and transfer reduces retained swabs

Two years incident free from never events in maternity services and near misses have reduced from 33% - 1%. Introduced simple and effective handover.

Improving quality of life for the frail elderly in care homes by reducing urinary tract infections through hydration

Introducing Structured Drinks Rounds and Training reduces hospital admissions for Urinary Tract Infections in the care home population

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