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My career has been incredibly varied, challenging and rewarding, and I’ve loved elements of everything I’ve done. However, whilst working at Fintech I found myself dreaming about moving into healthcare, simply because I wanted to do something truly meaningful.

My dreams came true when I met Richard Au, who wanted to pioneer social care. Richard founded an incredible company called HealthyLovedOnes (HLO), and I joined his small team in Hong Kong, as Chief Business Officer, before we even had so much as a website. HLO is a social enterprise, people-to-people platform for healthcare. Richard’s vision focused around his belief that simple neighbourly behaviour can make a difference to us all. I was involved in everything, from product management to fundraising, and I learned so much from participating in the growth of this extraordinary start-up.

HLO was a formative experience for me as regards healthcare, and as regards becoming an intrepreneur. The company grew rapidly, and I had the opportunity to constantly create additional value, release new features internationally, work closely with the tech team, learn data science, and refine my understanding of project management. I realised that within a vibrant start-up there are always going to be teams and individuals who are themselves acting as mini start-ups. To me, this was even cooler than being a founder of my own company, and I really enjoyed using my experience to support an intrepreneurial culture. Agile and Scrum were incredibly helpful in managing tasks coming from multiple countries and with tight, high-pressure deadlines. I loved it! And from then on, healthcare, and especially health tech, has grown into a complete passion for me.

When my husband and I moved to the UK in 2017 I joined Vida Care, where I was instrumental using technology to scale-up and facilitate  change in the social care industry. Vida’s mission is to give everyone the freedom of choice to stay at home for as long as they can, even if they can no longer care for themselves. This is a philosophy in which I deeply believe, and it was a huge privilege to witness the impact Vida Care has on so many lives.

Now I’m at Medopad, a health-tech, AI data-capture platform that connects patients and healthcare professionals in real time. Medopad provides a turnkey monitoring solution that allows healthcare professionals to remotely track, monitor and communicate with patients, allowing both sides to input feedback, share data from connected devices, and review drug adherence. It’s a brilliant concept and I’m thrilled to be part of the team. KPMG recently named Medopad a $1 billion Health-Tech company in the making.

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