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I am a GP working in Islington, London since moving here in 2010. I have worked in a number of different roles, including Primary Care Fellowships in the primary/secondary care interface. I have particular interests in Frailty, and the integration of community and hospital services for the benefit of our patients. I am developing experience and expertise in Quality Improvement work, and have recently been appointed as a UCLP Improvement Fellow for 2017/18.

I am currently working with Islington GP Federation to support development of Care Closer to Home integrated networks as part of North London transformation plans. My role involves identifying areas suitable for QI project work and co-design of these projects. We are a small team, and will value the support of the Q community.

Whilst continuing my interest in the acute sector, I am committed to my training and background as a generalist, and aspire to work in high performing, dynamic surgeries with an emphasis on providing high quality clinical care. I also am a member of the Islington LMC.

Q Exchange ideas

  • A Virtual Ward intervention for Frailty

    Using a multiskilled Virtual Ward team to support patients living with frailty after an acute hospital episode - comprehensive, integrated, personalised care.

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