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  • Joanna Moore posted an update in the group Liberating Structures in healthcare 8 months ago

    Hi all, I wondered if you have any tips for using LS on MS Teams without a breakout room function? I have a short training session and I would really like to use something like 1,2,4 all but not sure if there is anything that works without rooms?
    Thank you! Jo

    • Hi Joanna. the challenge with MS Teams is getting people in and out of groups quickly.. You can create proxy “breakout rooms” by putting links to separate MS Teams meetings in chat. That works well but is a little clunky. I think taking a 1,2,4 all approach would be tricky. I tend to opt for Mad Tea with some starter prompts. ie A creative opportunity I see is… May be give a group 2 starter prompts and then pop them into separate meeting rooms of 4-5 people for 8-10 minutes.
      Rather than 1>2>4>All.
      1- quite reflection, jot down thoughts individually. I find it good to play some music so we aren’t all freaked by the silence (easily done by embedding some music in powerpoint and sharing screen and sound)
      2 – get feedback into chat -reading them out as the come in
      All -plenary discussion based on whats emerging in the chat.

      Not sure if this is helpful but it will be interesting to hear what others have tried as well.

    • Hi Jo
      Breakout rooms are available in MS Teams now – I think you have to set them up before hand though. Mad Tea / Fun at the Fayre works through the chat. I suppose it depends on how big your group is. We have started to incorporate Mad tea into our foundation QI sessions an use the chat to do this. Hope it goes well