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Izabela obtained her degree in Mathematics from Cardiff University in 2009 and then completed her PhD in operational research in May 2013. Her research involved applying queueing theory and game theory to model critical care activities. Since May 2013 she has been a research associate at Cardiff University through a joint initiative with ABUHB. As a part of her role at Cardiff University she has been lecturing operational research at MSc programme. Her role as a mathematical modeller in ABCi is to apply her expertise to a wide range of improvement projects.

Since joining the Modelling Unit in May 2015 full time, Izabela has been working on a variety of projects across different divisions within the health board. Some of the projects include: designing a caseload tool for mental health services, designing a weight management tool, compliance with national guidelines for stroke in radiology, modelling workforce requirements for digitisation of health records and analysing the effect of individuals presenting in A&E under the influence of alcohol. Izabela has also been involved in designing and delivering a set of courses including Excel Skills, Graphing in Excel, Statistics in Healthcare and Introduction to Excel-Based Modelling in Healthcare which are aimed at NHS staff.

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