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For the past 15 years I have been involved in public sector transformation. My passion is  on helping services deal with complexity, and I help services re-organise themselves so that they are person centred - emphasising collaborative working.

My main methodologies are systems thinking, based practical techniques that are proven to work - And I am one of the Human Learning Systems collaborative. Characteristics of outcomes include self-managed teams, prevention through dealing with complex person tactics, delegated decision-making, new adaptive management.

I am working with a county council help their internals transform Health and Social care, Childrens Services and SEND. As well as helping an authority on how to deal with their demand, so in todays Digital world, they remain alert to those tangled in complexity . In the past I have worked with councils on ensuring their services adapt to austerity through developing people centred services, using modern management approaches that are currently spearheading the public sector.

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