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I am an experienced manager, trainer, writer and editor with over 30 years’ experience in the health and social care voluntary sector. In April 2017, I set up my own company to enable me to work more flexibly and get more involved with improvement work in healthcare.  I am honoured to have recently become a Trustee of the PROMPT Maternity Foundation, which does fantastic work, in the UK and internationally, training multi-professional teams on how to cope in obstetric emergencies getting improved clinical outcomes for babies and mothers.  My freelance work to date has mostly been editing and writing, I've drafted two learning reports to draw out the lessons from academic evaluations of improvement work and I am also involved in event production, organising the third Improvement Science PhD summer school and helping to get the programme in place for the ISQua 2017 international conference in London.  Before I went freelance, I spent 8 years as Assistant Director of Research at the Health Foundation. I led on the development of the Improvement Science programme and I have a deep interest in better understanding what works to improve quality of healthcare and crucially how it works. I am really keen to help people do better write-ups of their improvement work and get these disseminated to everyone who might have an interest, using different media and communication channels. I love making connections between people and between projects, linking them in to useful research, connecting people working in the same field, or where I think ideas from totally different fields will have a fruitful connection.

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