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Registered Nurse of 40 years. Community health experience former Specialist Practitioner - District Nursing. I am also deaf demonstrating yes deaf can have a profession in nursing (see link to an old blog below).

Recent professional experience has been in supporting DNs in use of technology and EHR systems. I am passionate about Digital health & Inclusive Accessibility benefits for all. TEC (Tech Enabled Care) is not just about the technology it is also about enabling people with diverse disabilities to all things in real time providing joined up health and communication.  In 2016 to 2017 I moved into new temp part time work out side of nursing as Accessibility Officer for Quakers to ensure inclusive accessibility to major event. This opportunity combined my lived experience of communication access with my health profession background.

Currently I am member of LSBU (London South Bank Uni) Peoples Academy  co-working and co-facilitating sessions with HSC (health and social care) as a person with Lived Experiences. Providing insight from a lived experience brings reality of being a carer, a patient, a person with disability, and a nurse. The transitional relationships these experiences also bring.

When seeking innovative events you may find me playing with VR/AR and the benefits of immersive empathy or Hololens AR engagement. Thats my playground!

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