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I have consistently been involved in quality improvement (QI) since 2006, when I first worked with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement as part of their Safer Patients Initiative (SPI).  At that time I was employed in the Royal Hospitals Trust in NI working to the Medical Director, developing a programme of patient safety for the organisation.  The Trust became one of the first NI organisations to be an SPI partner with IHI.  I provided programme management to the Trust participation in SPI, working with clinical teams to implement best practice bundles of care, tracking improvement and building capacity for QI through training and support to staff. In 2008 I moved to another NI Trust and established a patient safety programme of work, based on the principles of SPI and the IHI Model for Improvement.  For 4 years (Sep 2012-Sep 2016) I was the Assistant Director for a regional programme of transformational reform (Transforming Your Care) in NI, which included within its scope a range of transformational reform projects such as improving patient pathways, outpatient reform etc.  This work was delivered using QI methodologies and tools.  In October 2016 I joined the NHSCT to a new role as Innovation and Quality Improvement (IQI) Lead.  Over the last year my role has been to develop the IQI Strategy for the Trust and the underpinning capability programmes, which promote a culture of continuous quality improvement and innovation.  In March 2017 the Trust launched its IQI Strategy, which has at its heart the IHI Model for Improvement, with a strong emphasis on small cycles of change.  It also focusses on some strategic areas of importance including, the ageing population, medicines optimisation and use and data analytics and e-health.  To accompany the Strategy I have developed and implemented 3 levels of IQI training – from basic awareness to expert.  Our resources are also underpinned by a new virtual IQI Hub which supports and guides staff with resources from having an IQI to bringing it to life.  I work closely with health and social care teams to support the realisation of their ideas for QI and innovation and build a ‘community of leaders’ committed to IQI.
In September 2016 the NHSCT became a member of the IHI Health Improvement Alliance Europe.  I am the Trust co-ordinating lead for our membership activities in this Alliance.  I am also an IHI Fellow.

My mission in the NHSCT is to make QI ‘how we do business’.  We have strong focus on keeping QI simple, making it part of the day job and supporting and enabling our 12,000 staff to bring to life the many great ideas they have to improve health and social care.

Q Exchange ideas

  • Gamification for Human Factors

    Deployment of the application of Gamification designs & concepts to human factor learning and skills in health & social care-making learning more engaging/entertaining &increasing learner motivation


    To facilitate the safe discharge of patients from hospital by 1pm

  • Interactive Maternity Care for Teenage Mums to Be

    Creation of an interactive App to engage teenage Mums To Be in a multi-disciplinary programme of maternity care within the context of the challenges of COVID-19

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