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In group: Exploring Adaptive Space – community of practice

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  • Gareth Evans posted an update in the group Exploring Adaptive Space – community of practice 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if its time to organise another community conversation? An opportunity to reflect together on how we see and use the idea of adaptive spaces in our own organisations and networks?

    Let me know if you’e interested and we can find a time to meet..

    In the meantime I came across these from Sonja Blignaut and thought they were worth sharing:

    • Hey Gareth, I’m keen to support this community convo, I can set up a zoom and help with invitations.

      Oh here’s an experiment that I’ve been running in a couple of SIGs with success: why don’t you tag a couple of people who might be interested (if you write @ you’ll see the tagging system popping up) — and if you’re one of the tagged people reading this, why don’t you do the same? 😉

      • Hi Joriam,

        Thanks for the offer of support – that would be really helpful. I can see Lou and Matthew have expressed an interest so far… and will try the @ idea for future posts, like that one..

    • I see Joriam’s already popped in with some good advice 🙂

      Another session would be great to organise!

      i was just in a Zoom with Michael Arena – the author of ‘Adaptive Space’ (great book btw!).
      He’s now at Amazon Web Services. interestingly Amazon found that almost all of their teams are either ‘Bonding’ teams, or ‘Bridging’ teams (and they need very different things from hybrid working!).
      Another adaptive spaces veteran in the Zoom said about adaptive spaces work that “it’s very practical and very concrete and extremely ineffable!” 😉
      Michael made clear how important it is to find a small group of supportive friends as you do this work, as it’s often hard. Requires a certain fearlessness.
      He also felt that we may be stepping into an age of more autonomy – where adaptive spaces become more important, as new ways are needed to connect voices, not just the usual command and control.

    • I would like to learn more about this so would like to join a discussion 🙂

      • Hi Lou,

        That’s great… we’ll look to get something set up. In the meantime I’d signpost you to the following short videos we recorded (if you haven’t already seen them) that set out the basics of Adaptive Space, and then also check out Diane’s blogs for more info too over here ——->

    • Hi, yes please I would like to know more about this too.

    • I’d really like to be part of this