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Public Health System Change Lead

Esther Hall

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

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I have been working in Behaviour Change in Public Health for 3 years and for the last 2 years working to map the complexity we find in our populations as well as working with them in line with the characteristics of complex systems.  Using both the Cynefin framework and Sensemaker tool (Dave Snowden) and Theory U (Otto Scharmer), I am developing a stream of evidence through researching the benefits and drawbacks of these approaches. So far, in the field, it is evident that the level of development of those facilitating or engaging in these processes are affected by and vital to the success of these approaches and will be considered in our next piece of research, currently in the planning stage.

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Blog posts

  • My COVID story: Esther Hall

    Q member, Esther shares her experience as a Public Health System Change Lead during the pandemic, and the value of capturing real life stories of communities and staff.

  • My Improvement Journey: Esther Hall

    Esther Hall - Public Health Behaviour Change Lead, East Riding of Yorkshire Council - shares her improvement journey, and invites people to join the first meeting of the 'Closing the Gap: Developing Improvers for a Complex World' SIG (28 Feb).

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