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I've worked in health and social care for over 25 years, starting off as a receptionist in a busy acute hospital and moving onto joining the NHS Graduate Training Scheme in 1994.  I've been fortunate to have a very varied career working in almost all healthcare settings, as well as working with social care.  For the last six years I worked in a mental health trust as head of a Quality Academy, focusing on bringing improvement skills into this setting.  I am now working independently to support a varied number of projects and organisations looking to improve their care and grow their capability in quality improvement.

I'm a GenerationQ Fellow with the Health Foundation (cohort 5) , having just finished my MSc in Leadership in Quality.  During this period of study, I have become increasingly interested in the work of R. Stacey and colleagues around Complex Responsive Processes, alongside the insights emerging from complexity science around systems thinking.  I have volunteered to set up the Complexity Special Interest Group to support improvers to think about change in different ways, to explore complexity and to ask questions around how we can get better at improvement through approaches that give room for solutions and ideas to emerge.

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