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  • Dimple Keen posted an update in the group UK Wide Community Event – September 2018 2 years, 4 months ago

    Hi everyone,
    We’re now on the countdown, with less than 2 weeks to go!
    I had a favour to ask… would anyone have any time to review the draft programme, to check if it flows ok, gives all the information needed for delegates etc? We can send this by email but we’d need feedback by the end of Friday. I know this is a very tight turnaround — do email me if you can! though of course I know this is short notice.
    Thanks in advance and have a lovely evening.

    • I’ll give it a go Dimple although it’s a Friday and winter seems to have started in our hospital!

    • Happy to have a go this afternoon Dimple

      • Thanks for the offer Helen! we were on a tight turnaround to complete this last week so it’s been reviewed and signed off – you’ll hopefully get this by email next Monday as part of the final joining instructions!
        Thanks again for offering and look forward to seeing you next week.