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Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Lead

Debbie Parkinson

Innovation Agency NWC

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Debbie has a background in Citizenship and Participation and previously worked for Wigan Council as Citizenship Lead and NW Co-ordinator for National Healthy Schools Status leading a large team and 143 schools to achieve ‘Healthy School Status’.
She formed the joint schools’ Councils for both Primary and Secondary schools, ‘Little Voices’ and ‘Comunik8’ making real changes in schools and education.

Before joining the Innovation Agency, Debbie worked in the private sector on contract to the Department of Work and Pensions where work included both staff and customer forums.

She is passionate about people having a say in what affects them and making a difference and believes ‘Every Voice Matters’.

Holding a teaching qualification and degree she has taught IT in the community and is a volunteer bereavement support worker for her local hospice.

Debbie is also a local government Councillor

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