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  • Daryl Connolly posted an update in the group Delivering Virtual Training (#ConnectingImprovers) 4 months, 1 week ago

    Hi everyone, I use zoom to host our QI training in our Trust. Everything has went well to date – coin spinning, lot of breakouts using liberating structures – but our next topic focus is process mapping. Potential to use breakouts and one person to put together a post-it note process map and show on camera but just wondered has anyone used another platform that digitally shows your process map on screen?? Thanks Daryl

    • Hi Daryl. We have used Jam Board in breakout rooms for small groups to develop driver diagrams, which has led to folk on our courses using Jam Board with their team to develop process maps virtually. It may not be as technically correct as using Visio but does support the use of sticky notes and lines to connect steps etc. Hope this helps.

    • I echo David’s comments – Jam board works well for this.. its free to use with a gmail account. Or just a powerpoint slide and screen share can work – but not as interactive or simple as jam board.

    • Hi,

      We’ve used both Miro and (both free versions to date) and I find them both fairly easy to use for process mapping. I have a slight preference for Miro as anyone can access the map at the same time via a link and it’s easier to send out after.

      Good luck.


    • Morning Daryl, one of my colleagues is leading on a 2-hour process mapping online workshop via Teams and has been using Miro for the exercise. Like Emma above, he feels it’s easy to use and send out to teams following the process. If you require support with how to use it, I could link you with him directly to discuss further.

    • Teams worked really well for the ones I have been on with regards to such workshops.

    • Thanks everyone for your sharing – some homework for me tonight! I think i will checkout JamBoard first 🙂