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NHS paramedic with over 16 years responding to emergency calls in the UK

For the past 6 years as a specialist Hazardous Area Response Team paramedic; reaching patients in need of emergency care in difficult access situations (at height, on water, in confined spaces, hazmat etc...). Most recent HART adventures included climbing down two stories on a fireman's ladder wearing extended breathing apparatus (twin cylinders);  and setting up stretcher rescue on a wind turbine. Just as I started thinking how it might be time to use my accumulated experience in more office based applications; was seconded to work on revision of the safe systems of work for HART staff. Keen to use Q contacts to improve our work, particularly processes for pain relief in the warm zone at mass casualty incidents; and in developing safe systems for staff balancing their own safety against critical patient need, in very hazardous situations.

Previous occupations: did ten years in science and medical publishing and history at Blackwell Scientific and Oxford University Press; Oxford history degree, and gap year teaching in Central America.

Hillwalker and all round appreciator of the countryside

Scuba Instructor (BSAC Advanced diver) with over ten years diving round UK waters and across the world


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