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  • Annabelle Burns posted an update in the group Reimagining Health and Care 9 months ago

    Hi All
    I was wondering if there are any AHPs on here who have explored the principles of self management in their services? I am a speech and language therapy manager in community paediatrics. i’m interested in the principles and ideas, wondering how to make the next steps….

    • Hi @annabelleburns

      Great that you’re thinking about how self-management could work for Allied Health Professionals. There certainly feels like there could be huge potential here (Brendan from Buurtzorg UK & Ireland is happy to chat, as mentioned).

      Interestingly, there is a Buurtzorg-inspired Blueprint for children’s social care launching later this month. I hope to go along, and will share the Blueprint here, when I can…

      I know that @danny-buerkli and the Centre for Public Impact (who developed it) would love to see it spread – and are looking for ideas on how best to encourage this to happen…

    • Thanks, I’ve send Brendan an email so thanks for the connection. @danny-buerkli I’d be interested to hear more about the blueprint and how it coudl be applied more widely.

    • Hi Annabelle, I supported a team of physios to move to this way of working. Happy to share if that’s helpful.

      best wishes


    • That woudl be great. I’d love to know how they began the journey and the barriers they encountered, as well as what worked well. What was the role of the managers in the process and how did the staff understand and participate in the change? DId it make a difference for them?

      • Hi @annabelleburns

        Just thought I’d mention that someone in our recent SIG Zoom bookchat on ‘Brave New Work’ mentioned that these Tensions/Practice Cards can be a good way to get the discussion about changing our workplaces going:

        I’ve just bought a set. I plan to test them out with a colleague here soon-ish, but basically haven’t used them yet…

        The book explains well how to introduce these kinds of changes – though I’ve yet to read all of the final ‘how to’ section, which looks like the bit where the author really gets passionate about it all!

    • Thanks. I’ve got that book but i haven’t read much of it yet. I didn’t realise there was a website too – thanks for the recommendation.
      What struck me so far from the book was the traffic lights vs roundabouts analogy. Working in the NHS, I definitely feel like we have a lot of traffic lights!