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  • Andrea Gibbons posted an update in the group Understanding alternatives to traditional models of outpatients 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hi all! I was wondering if I could tap into your collective knowledge!

    As you may be aware, we try to connect QI projects with evidence and learning from other projects. One of the requests I have been sent it about the use of technology improving efficiency and/or patient experience for outpatients.

    Are any of you able to share any actual functionality that is linked to improving outpatients. Some of the functionality is only delivered by one supplier, in which case it would be useful to know that. Examples of potentially useful technology that the team are already aware of include:
    1. ‘Attend anywhere’-this enables virtual OP clinics
    2. Functionality within the ‘DrDoctor’ system : automating the scheduling process, managing clinical risk and enabling patients to take greater control over their care. This functionality is delivered by other providers too.
    3. Darren Atkins, Chief Technology Officer (Artificial Intelligence & Automation) at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust and his work around automating outpatient processes.

    Are any of you able to point us in any other promising directions please?

    Thank you so much and good luck with your Q Exchange bids! We hope to perhaps collaborate with some of you in the future!

    Andrea (#EvidenceBasedQI lead!)

    • we are currently working on a telepsychiatry project in CAMHS using attend anywhere and happy to share our learning

    • Our Qexchange project will utilise the functionality developed by Cievert Ltd (called Penguin!). I am sure they would be very happy to share. Do get in touch again Andrea if you’d like more info.

    • That’s wonderful Alka and Nicola – truly appreciated.

    • Hi The Wessex Neurology team are developing MyMedicalRecord (MyMR) for Neurology. This was part of a Health Foundation Innovation for Improvement project in round 6. The MyMR is an online patient platform which has already been proven to be as useful as outpatient face to face appointment in the prostate pathway ( University Hospital of Southampton are building on this model and for my role, for neurology. Hope this helps Rachel

      • Brilliant Rachel – that is really helpful. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I will share with my colleagues and we may well get in touch with you to find out more once we’ve read your article! Thanks and perhaps see you in London at the Q Event in November. Good luck!