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  • Alexandra Purcell posted an update in the group Delivering Virtual Training (#ConnectingImprovers) 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Hi All,
    Just wondering if anyone has any bright ideas around an interactive virtual activity for creating Operational Definitions? We would usually do the classic measuring of a banana as a face to face group exercise which stimulates a lot of conversation so something along those lines would be great, but that can be done on an individual basis and discussed…
    Any ideas gratefully received -thanks!

    • Yeah, one of our team came up with a great activity. They had a photo of about 15-20 staff members all in different clothes (normal and scrubs and wearing lanyards) then a question… how many people are wearing blue.
      Lots of different variations in the answers – does a blue lanyard count. They did a poll on slido to see the multiple answers. Then asked a clearer question. How many wearing blue clothes…. and then you keep refining your question.

    • Have you looked at any of the Liberating Structures tools, like impromptu networking? They can work really well virtually if you have a breakout room function. There is a group on Q for trying out these techniques and also an app that is free to download and has lots of info -just type in liberating structures app and it should get you there.

    • Ah yes, I did one of the ‘Happy’ liberating structures sessions – definitely some helpful methodologies for a virtual offering. We’re waiting to see what the MS Teams ‘channels’ set up looks like as the equivalent of a zoom break out room…

      • Do you know when the MS Channels are due to be set up/released?

      • I’ve heard something about August, but I’m not sure where that came from, so may well not be official! Apparently our IT service can set up different groups at the moment, but it’s a bit clunky