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Grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. Attended University of Cambridge. Trained as a cell biologist and geneticist in UK and California. Father of three, husband of one.

Now work for National Health Service in Scotland as an Information Consultant and an Improvement Advisor. I improve healthcare by making measurement meaningful. Experience of Mental Health, Maternity, Early Years, ePrescribing data.  Former Data and Measurement Advisor at NHS Scotland QI Hub (2010-12).

Recently (2014-16) worked as an Improvement Advisor with schools to close the poverty-related attainment gap by providing advice on improvement methods. Currently working on a maternity and neonatal data hub and information for Allied Health Professionals.


Health Foundation Leadership Fellow (Cohort 3) 2006-08

IHI Wave 18 IA Professional Development Programme 2010-11


Former Secretary of local community council and regular wearer of tweed hats.

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