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I have a very bizarre job.

Well, at least one part is.

I work part time for the NHS as a paediatric physiotherapist, with an interest in MSK aspects of paediatric and adolescent care. The 'other' part time job is at a independent school providing PSHE and PE teaching, physical coaching within a gym setting, BTEC teaching and co-ordinating a sports scholar programme (which provide physical but also pastoral care to our gifted and talented).

The combined role is busy, but worth it. My long term hope is to have an impact on health service provision for under 18's, not just to help them at this age, but to create better users of the NHS and other health services in their future. offsetting the burden upon the NHS is, in my view, a more viable way of securing the NHS.

I enjoy anything to do with the social determinents of health, and fully embrace the idea of health promotion rather than reactive care. It is why I love working in a school - it is one of the only places a person who lives their life in the UK HAS to go to. If a child is not at school, it is questioned readily. It is also a place of education, a place to make better humans.

However, teachers are consistently having other facets to their role thrown at them, and with so many hats to wear, some are going to get lost in the hat box. Why do we expect them to be able to successfully teach PSHE and health education when it isn't what they signed up for?

with so many NHS papers declaring health promotion is key to ongoing success within the NHS, I have decided to think about this from the ground up. Rather than waiting to be told, by people who are busy and pushed for any thinking time, i'm going to try do it from the bottom.

If I can change the mindset of my schools' graduates, and influence their famillies, that's a good start..

If I can help you with any project, or you feel you can help me - get in touch. I love blue sky thinking, and ideas that evolve from simply saying yes to something that you don't yet know about.

Take care, speak soon

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