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With a continual passion for patient safety, I use my clinical background within the NHS to improve the quality of care within healthcare organisations. My passion for ensuring the highest possible standard of care has continued to grow throughout my career and it is this passion that drives me to continue to develop my experience and skills in Quality Improvement.

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Blog posts

  • Dealing with team management in a socially distant world

    Q member, Adam Burrell discusses the importance of team building from a distance and providing support to employees going through the biggest challenge the health service has faced.

  • The power of feedback

    Adam Burrell makes the case for appreciative and constructive feedback in healthcare as vital for successful improvement work.

  • Let today be the start of something new

    Motivation and how to use it is a complex science, motivating yourself is hard, motivating others is even harder. When trying to make improvements in the NHS we need to think carefully about how we motivate our staff to bring about change and improve patient outcomes.

  • Rage Against the Fax Machines

    Increasingly, NHS organisations are encouraged to rely upon LEAN tools and consultancy models to look at inefficiencies within the service. Adam Burrell explores the usefulness of these tools within the complex, unique and human system of the NHS.

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