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How to: blog on the Q website

Blogging on the Q community website is a valuable way to reach the improvement world, establish your voice, engage and connect. Find out more about the different ways you can get published, along with some useful tips.

Did you know that one of the benefits of being a Q member is direct access to an audience of over 4,000 people, who just like you are passionate about improvement and eager to share learning and experiences? The Q website is a great place to raise your improvement profile and kick-start discussions on key topics. Use the Q blog to share insights and thought pieces with the community.

We’re always happy to see members posting self-authored pieces on the website, and with member-created content being so popular we’d like to encourage you all to get blogging!

Here are some pointers to get you started:

  1. Identify the kind of format your blog will take (see below for some suggested blog formats), plan your outline and choose any visuals to include.
  2. Craft a title that is informative but also grabs the attention of the reader, no more than 10 words.
  3. Consider your target audience when planning and writing. This may be the entire community, or a specific group of members. If you’re unsure, imagine you’re talking directly to a colleague and keep the tone warm, personal and direct.
  4. Keep it to 700-800 words. If you’ve got more to say, that’s great – contact the Q team to discuss the possibility of publishing your piece in two parts, or a series.
  5. For any other advice or editorial support, contact the Q team .

Here are just some of the ways you might choose to share your voice on the Q website:

My Improvement Journey*

What it is: A simple interview style piece sharing your experience in improvement so far and what drives you to continue your journey

Use it to: Share your area of interest and connect with like-minded members

Examples of My Improvement Journey blogs

New Member Story*

What it is: Another interview piece, this time discussing what drew you to Q and what you’re hoping to get out of being a member

Use it to: Introduce yourself to the community

Example of Meet the New Member blog

Case Study

What it is: A blog piece to describe a specific improvement experience

Use it to: Spread and share learning with the community

Example: Improving quality of life for the frail elderly in care homes by reducing urinary tract infections through hydration


What is it: General insight into a topic related to improvement

Use it to: Share your particular area of expertise

Example: Decisions decisions: the role of personality and endorsement in accessing peer support services

Once you’ve written your piece, you can submit it for review via the form on the Q website as soon as you’re logged into your profile. To do this you’ll need to be logged in, then navigate to ‘News and Blog’ and click on ‘Add blog post’. The Q team will then review the blog and contact you. Please note that this process can take a couple of weeks.

*The Q communications team will provide you with a set of questions – if you’d like to be featured in either of these formats please contact the team.

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