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If you’ve read our three blogs from Libby, Tracy and Penny and seen the agenda for the day, you’ll know that this year’s Q community event is packed with inspiring content, practical collaborative sessions and space to reflect on the impact of this challenging year.

But we know the Q community events have always been about much more than the individual sessions and workshops. They’ve been a chance to make connections, learn from other members of the community, and take a breather from your day-to-day work. How can we do that virtually? Well, that’s what we’ve been thinking about a lot! I can now share a bit more about what the event will look like – and how we’ll be able to bring you that sense of community and connection online.

Hosted in a virtual space designed for more than just the sessions themselves, there’ll be opportunities for you to explore, connect with other attendees or take part in activities that help you reflect and learn.

Zoom fatigue is real! I’ve definitely felt it. But we’ve also spent the last 8 months honing the Q team’s online collaborative practices and have found some great ways to bring openness, connection, and even networking and (sort of) ‘bumping into someone and realising you’ve got something in common’ online. We’re bringing all of that to the event design.

Hosted in a virtual space designed for more than just the sessions themselves, there’ll be opportunities for you to explore, connect with other attendees or take part in activities that help you reflect and learn – beyond the live workshops and on demand presentations in our three themes. And you can build your own agenda: dipping in and out, going where your energy takes you, and coming back to the content on demand.

When you come along to the event, you will land in a space that looks a little like a conference foyer, with rooms to click on and access. Behind the auditorium door are those live sessions (hosted on Zoom) many of you will register to attend. But there is so much more too:

If you are looking to switch your brain into a more reflective space. The mindfulness for improvement special interest group will take you and colleagues through a guided practice. Lunchtime yoga may also give you a welcome break from feeling the need to check your emails. And our resilience masterclass will give you a chance to learn about the thinking tools to rewire and create a mindset of resilience.

Liberating Structures continue to be something that has galvanised the Q community, moving work activities from the mundane to fully inclusive, fun and more effective. Over the past few months the community has come together to develop a user group to share tips and test out new methods. For members who are newer to these tools or want a refresh, our immersion workshop will provide an opportunity to get stuck in and test them out in an energetic and safe space.

We know how much you value networking with your community peers, and the value you get from bumping into someone at the annual events. Our structured networking sessions will provide an opportunity to meet other members and will draw on methods from the Liberating Structures toolkit. They’ll provide a good dose of energy first thing in the morning. Just make sure you have a fresh brew on hand!

The Networking Lounge provides a space for you to drop in and catch up with colleagues either using the 1:1 chat box or video call functionality. There are also our dedicated discussion rooms to join.

And finally, the Discovery Zone: In this space you’ll be able to connect and find virtual stands unique to Q. Speak to some of the team about Q. Connect with some Special Interest Groups, through hosted conversations over lunchtime. Kick off your shoes and experience the world in someone else’s, with some powerful and inspiring health and social care stories collected by the Empathy Museum over the last few months. Find resources and further information connected to our sessions and drop them in your virtual delegate bag for later. And catch up with the latest publications, news and funding opportunities from the Health Foundation.

We are delighted to be able to bring the Q event to you virtually this year, providing a welcoming space for the community to come together.

Q members: revisit event

Although November is likely to be another busy month, I hope you can take some time out to join us and create space for yourself to reflect, learn and recharge.

Revisit the event to access resources from the Q annual community event.

Revisit the event

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