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How can we sustain momentum behind positive service change?

Since the pandemic started it feels like we’ve been operating in a whirlwind, not least with the pace and breadth of changes to services and ways of working. It has often been disorientating, but also breath-taking to see how improvement methods and mindsets have come into their own. Service shifts that we’ve been talking about for ages suddenly materialised in weeks, with Q members often central to making that a reality.

With COVID-19 cases rising again and all the pressures of winter, there is a risk that our efforts to identify, embed and scale positive service changes are overtaken.

Fast forward seven months and many of us are thinking about how we sustain the momentum behind positive service change. How can we ensure that momentum is carrying us purposefully towards a model of care that we’ll want to embed long term, rather than spinning in response to immediate bright ideas and pressing needs?

The best strategy must surely be to continue to develop the ways of working and service models that can not only help with the immediate response, but also support long-term objectives. Yet how can we find the time to identify and embed the right things alongside everything else?

Maintaining momentum behind positive service change: a theme of Q’s annual community event

Q is here to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead and we have some great sessions at Q’s annual community event on 18 and 19 November to support that.

We’ll be running live, interactive workshops that give you the chance to step back and think about what we’re learning from the experience of COVID. We’ll explore together how we achieve impact and the big priorities for improvement in future.

There will be on demand sessions looking at the scale and nature of the challenges ahead for health and care and what we’ve heard from hundreds of members about how improvement methods and mindsets have been used during the pandemic. We’ve got leading thinkers and practitioners sharing the methods that have proved most helpful when working in a crisis. And we’ll be reflecting on what we know about scaling and spread that could be most useful.

The event also offers the opportunity to feed into national work identifying the positive changes in primary care that should be promoted nationally. We’ll use the power of the community to work through some of the issues and challenges with implementation, so we get beyond impressive localised examples to changes that are set up to successfully spread.

The shift to virtual care and accelerated use of technology stands out as one of the most significant changes happening around us. Whether you’re in the midst of rolling out virtual consultations or just starting to think about how technology could plug gaps in services, we’ll have sessions that give you the chance to take stock of the best ways to approach implementation.

In a live, interactive workshop, we’ll together explore how can make the most of new cross-team collaboration brought about by COVID to deliver effective digital change over the long-term. And finally, an on demand interview with Professor Trish Greenhalgh will help you understand how we can introduce technology in an integrated way within the complex environments we’re operating in.

Q members: register to join the event

Time is tight, but that means it’s all the more important we take the opportunities we can to learn together. By drawing on others’ ideas and perspectives, we can focus our attention and resources where we’ll have biggest impact.

Revisit the event to access resources for up to 30 days after the Q annual community event.

Alongside the sessions described here, you’ll also have the chance to explore the other themes:

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