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Have you heard about the Academy of Fabulous Stuff?  It’s a community of improvers supported by a website, set up by health commentator Roy Lilley to share ideas, best practice and look for answers to problems in the NHS and social care. The Academy of Fabulous stuff is a way for healthcare improvers to connect, break down the siloes and share.

“If you have a problem you can bet someone else is facing the challenge.  You can almost guarantee somewhere in the NHS somebody has an idea or solution that will help”

Roy Lilley, Founder of FAB

By way of a whistle top tour, here are 10 things that every Q member needs to know about the Academy of Fabulous Stuff:

  • The Academy of Fabulous Stuff (aka FAB) is a fantastic body of people passionate about sharing ideas, best practice and innovation in the NHS and social care.
  • It’s mission is to ensure that best practice, great ideas and service solutions are available to all.
  • You can share your improvement stories and photos on the FAB website in up to 500 words.
  • You can search the FAB website for solutions, ideas and to find out what others have done.
  • FAB is very active at sharing ideas and best practice on twitter – follow them @FabNHSStuff.
  • FAB provides a community of likeminded people who can provide much needed support when you feel like you are alone in trying to improve.
  • FAB runs Fab Change Week in November, a national campaign to celebrate improvement, make improvement pledges and share the outcomes.
  • More than 4 thousand people worldwide use and search the FAB website every day.
  • FAB is fun and about celebrating great work, anyone who went to the recent Fab awards ceremony will vouch for that!
  • You can volunteer to be a Fab Ambassador, championing the FAB cause and giving you the opportunity to meet with other ambassadors at regional and national meetings.

If you’d like to find out more and draw on the expertise and ideas of the Academy of Fabulous Stuff (which I hope you do), then take a look at the FAB website and follow on twitter. It will only take a couple of minutes, and you can be sure it will pay dividends.

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