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I joined the Q team just under a month ago as the new Digital Communications & Engagement Manager to help bring more strategic direction to our digital and community engagement efforts.

We’re fast approaching an opportune point in our development of the Q website and community platform with our web agency The Bureau. Now it’s time to pause and really take stock of the journey so far and where we are now, in order to begin to define where we want to be as an organisation, how to get there and how long that should take.

There are a few key things we’re working on at the moment in order to get our house in order as it were, ahead of them coming together to form elements of an integrated strategy. These are:

What: Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

Why: So that we can better leverage our content and production processes in order to attract the right visitors to the website.

What does this mean for the community?  This will enable better organic distribution of our content to the most relevant audience which will expand both the reach, awareness of the value of the Q community as help to facilitate the growth of or membership.

What: Stats/measurement and dashboards

Why: Are the things we’re currently measuring and reporting on the best indicators that we’re achieving our objectives? How can we better support the realisation of our objectives?

What does this mean for the community? This will allow us to see what’s working [or not] in terms of structure, content and functionality and sharpen our offering allowing more streamlined access to our digital offerings.

What: Social media

Why: Can we distribute our messaging more effectively in order to reflect the needs and wants of the community and wider improvement audience?

What does this mean for the community?  Having a strong, dynamic presence on mainstream social platforms allows easier access to both content and collaboration which helps to encourage self-organisation within the community both digitally and in the “real” world.

We will be looking to establish best-practice processes in these areas while also conducting thorough website user testing. This means looking at the website through the eyes of the Q community and giving you the best experience best on your needs.

This work will help to inform the process of establishing our initial strategic steps for the Q website and community platform.

We’ll be keeping you posted as we progress with this work in the run up to us working together to define the foundation of our digital strategy. If you have any questions contact the team.

We’d like to start consulting and working with you more closely and we would like to start with this “60 second” survey – let us know your thoughts on the Q website and community platform with 7 simple questions.

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